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Dr Jingchen Zhao

Associate Professor in Law

I joined the School of Law in February 2015 as an Associate Professor in Law. I am the deputy directors of the Centre for Business Law and Practice. I have taught at several UK universities most recently at University of Sussex, where I specialised in corporate social responsibility, corporate law and corporate governance.

I hold a doctorate from the University of Manchester. I am a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.

Research Interests

My research specialism is within corporate law, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance, and I also contribute to research in the areas of insolvency law, Chinese business law and financial law.

My research specialism extends from general aspects of business law to interdisciplinary areas such as corporate governance, business ethics and law and finance. Much of my current research filled the gap in research on the legal aspects of corporate social responsibility, shareholders’ rights and corporate governance.

I published a number of articles in high quality journals including Legal Studies, Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business, European Business Organization Law Review, Journal of Business Law, Journal of Corporate Law Studies, Hong Kong Law Journal, Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law and Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly. My monograph ‘Corporate Social Responsibility in Contemporary China’ was published by Edward Elgar in the ‘Globalisation, Corporation and the Law’ series.

My most recent research has focused on board accountability in corporate governance, corporate governance in emerging market, derivative actions and regulating corporate social responsibility.


I have taught a range of commercial law subjects during my academic career at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Currently, I deliver teaching on Company Law at undergraduate level, and Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Finance and Securities Law and International Trade Finance at postgraduate level. I am also willing to supervise theses in most aspects of corporate law and corporate governance.

PhD Supervision

I am willing to supervise research students in most aspects of corporate law, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

Key Publications


Zhao J, Corporate social responsibility in contemporary China (Edward Elgar, 2014)

Journal articles

Zhao J, Keay A, ‘Transforming Corporate Governance in Chinese Corporations: A Journey Not a Destination’, Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business, 38 (2017) (Accepted)

Zhao J, ‘Promoting more socially responsible corporations through a corporate law regulatory framework’, Legal Studies, 37.1 (2017), 103-136, Repository URL:

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Zhao J, ‘Promoting a More Efficient Corporate Governance Model in Emerging Markets through Corporate Law’, Washington University Global Studies Law Review, 15.3 (2016), 447-493 Repository URL:

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