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Funding and scholarships for research postgraduates

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We regularly offer the following scholarships to research postgraduates.

University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Research Scholarships

These scholarships are available to UK and EU students, and are available on a full-time (three years) or part-time (five years) basis, commencing 1st October 2015. Awards will cover tuition fees at the relevant UK/EU rate and a maintenance grant of £13,863* per annum (*subject to approval and change).

Students who are already registered for PhD research study are excluded from applying. Awards will be made for one year in the first instance and are renewable for a further period, subject to satisfactory academic progress. Applicants must live within a reasonable distance of the University of Leeds whilst in receipt of this Scholarship.

How to apply

Application is a two part process. All applicants must have applied for an academic place to study for a PhD at the School of Law (with a research proposal) by no later than midnight 29th January. Secondly, they must complete the standard 110 Research Scholarships application form, to be submitted to the University Scholarships’ office by midnight 18th February. To apply for the academic place on a research degree programme, please visit:

Closing date: 18th February 2015 23:59 UK time

Research proposals

These scholarships are available to applicants wishing to study any area of law and/or criminology and criminal justice in which the School can offer expert supervision – see the School’s current register of Research Supervisory Expertise. In addition, in seeking to develop research capacity that aligns with identified research strengths, we particularly welcome applications that link with the following research themes:

Applicants wishing to pursue a PhD project linked to one of these research themes should highlight this on their application form (‘Area of Research’), and may wish to discuss their proposed research ideas with the named supervisor(s) to the specific theme they are interested in. They will also need to submit a formal application for an academic place as described above.

For further information about the application procedure please contact the Law Admissions Office lawpgadm@leeds.ac.uk

ESRC Studentships 2015

A number of fully funded ESRC studentships are now available to new UK/EU applicants who wish to commence study on a 1 + 3 basis (MA + PhD). The studentships will be funded by the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre and will be awarded on academic merit. Applications are invited in the fields of socio-legal studies, criminology and criminal justice.

UK applicants will be eligible for a full award paying tuition fees and maintenance costs. European Union applicants will be eligible for an award paying tuition fees only, except in exceptional circumstances, or where residency has been established for more than 3 years prior to the start of the course.

How to apply

Application is a two part process. All applicants must have applied to study for a PhD at the School of Law by no later than midnight 19th January, 2014. They must also complete a scholarships application form to be submitted to the Scholarships Office by no later than midday 3rd February, 2015.

For further information about the application procedure please contact the Law Admissions Office lawpgadm@leeds.ac.uk

Closing date - 3 February 2015

AHRC PhD studentships 2015-2016

Following the announcement that the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH) has received £19m from the AHRC to establish a Doctoral Training Partnership that will create over 300 PhD studentships and join the expertise of the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, we are delighted to announce a range of AHRC-funded PhD opportunities in the School of Law.

We encourage PhD applications in doctrinal, theoretical, empirical, or comparative research studies that are focused on the content or procedures of the law.

Applicants for an AHRC studentship must have applied for a place of study and have discussed their funding application with their prospective School by January and no later than Monday 19 January 2015.

They may only apply for AHRC funding at one of Leeds, Sheffield or York. The studentship application form and details of how to apply are only available from the WRoCAH website.

AHRC studentship applications opened on 20 October 2014, and must be submitted by midnight GMT on 2 February 2014. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of April 2014.

School of Law Teaching and Research Scholarship

The School invites applications from suitably qualified, prospective PhD students for a Teaching and Research Training Scholarship commencing October 2014. This is a prestigious School-funded award that has both a research and training component. The successful applicant will register with the University for a three-year programme of study for a PhD degree, receiving regular academic supervision, support and research training throughout. They will also be expected to undertake a specified amount of undergraduate teaching and academic support to students in each year of study as directed by the School, as well as a modest amount of marking in the final year of their studies. The scholarship provides a maintenance grant of £10,000, plus a payment for teaching and/or other academic duties up to £3,500. Please note that the teaching work payment may count as taxable income, whereas the maintenance payment is tax free.

The closing date for application is 23rd June 11.59 (UK time). Applications are invited from any area of law or criminology/criminal justice that is broadly consummate with the research supervision expertise currently available in the School. Potential applicants should consult the School’s list of Research Supervisory Expertise.

Alumni Postgraduate Bursary

The Alumni Postgraduate Bursary is available to former University of Leeds students. Those who qualify are eligible for a 10 percent tuition fee bursary. The alumni bursary can be awarded in conjunction with other University of Leeds scholarships and awards as the 10 percent bursary is calculated based on the net fee remaining. If you are thinking of continuing your studies to postgraduate level, we would love for you to stay with us.

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