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Research training

The University offers training in research skills for research students through Researcher Training and Development.

Doctoral Training Centre

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The University of Leeds is part of the ESRC accredited White Rose Doctoral Training Centre.

The Graduate School

Our School provides specialist support and facilities for postgraduate students through the Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law Graduate School.

To discover more about our faculty postgraduate provision, explore The Graduate School.

How to apply for a postgraduate research degree

The majority of research students begin their studies in October at the start of the academic year. We accept applications at any time of the year, but it is best to apply before the summer vacation begins in mid-June if you wish to commence study in October.

Applications should be submitted much earlier if you intend to apply for funding as scholarship applications usually have specific deadlines.

Our decisions

We make our decision on the basis of the research proposal, the potential fit between your topic and our expertise, supervisors' interest in being involved, referees' reports, degree results, School resources and, wherever possible, an interview.

Outline of research

You should set out a draft outline of your proposed research, arranged under the following six headings.

  • Title/Topic
  • Research questions and focus
  • Background to the proposal
  • Research methods to be used
  • Timetable
  • Short bibliography

Remember that a 'research proposal' is likely to be a key feature of any application you make for financial support.

Candidates applying for the 1+3 programme must submit an application for taught postgraduate study AND an application for Research Degree study (only one set of supporting documents is required).

Supporting documents

We need a set of supporting documents with your application.

  • Two references
  • A copy of your degree certificate, or equivalent.
  • A transcript of your degree results
  • A copy of your IELTS/TOEFL results, if applicable.
  • A research proposal.

These documents should be included with the application and sent to the address on the application form. If documentation is to be sent separately from the application or in support of an online application, then these documents should be sent directly to the School.


Please contact your two referees yourself.  Each referee should be asked to provide us with information about:

  • Your character.
  • Your academic record.  In the case of referees from your University, this information should include your overall degree grade and performance in individual subjects.
  • Their assessment to your suitability for the relevant postgraduate degree scheme.

NB: Where an applicant has graduated more than five years previously we will accept one work based reference, where more than ten years has lapsed we will accept two work based references, but efforts should be made to obtain at least one academic reference.

Work references should be written by someone more senior to yourself in the organisation in which you both work.  References may not be written by fellow students, family members or friends.

Ideally references should be submitted on official headed paper and signed.  The completed reference should be placed in a sealed envelope, which has been signed by the referee across the seal and sent to Postgraduate Admissions Office, School of Law, Beech Grove House, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK.

Exceptionally, references will be accepted by email but only if they are sent directly to Miss Karin Houkes, Postgraduate Officer: AND the applicant is not copied into the email.

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