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The Late Pamela Mary R Walsh Peaker M.A., Solicitor

Pamela was a lawyer by vocation. She was very successful and thorough on behalf of her clients. She was well regarded by them, both for her competence and her caring manner. “Dedicated, a superb lawyer, a thoughtful and sensitive person” was a tribute paid by a regular opponent to Pamela on her death.

Pamela always had time to help and encourage members of staff in realising their potential. She loved helping young people progress.

Pamela had to overcome difficulties herself to realise her aim and this gave her empathy for others, as well as a thorough grounding in all aspects of life in a solicitors office.

At the age of 17, she had to leave formal education to contribute to the family income and to care for her younger sister. She became a legal secretary.

After articles with Freshfields in London, Pamela qualified as a solicitor and, a few years later, became a partner in L. Bingham & Co. in Fleet Street, London. She remained a partner therein until her untimely death. Whilst working full-time, she gained an M.A. in law.

Pamela enjoyed acting for personal clients rather than companies and she never practised commercial law. She did, however, act for a major Trade Union and also for the Cooperative Party, an affiliate of the Labour Party. She was a leading protagonist in obtaining compensation for asbestos-related diseases.

Although a caring and gentle lady, Pamela was never afraid of a legal fight. She stood up for what she believed to be right, whilst never failing to act first and foremost as an Officer of the Court. One reason for her attitude may well have been that, in very many years practising, the number of times she lost the case was less than the number of fingers on one hand.

Pamela came from an old family whose motto may be translated from the Gaelic as ‘Our Inheritance’.  It is what you leave behind in the memories and hearts of others that counts. She would be very pleased that this fund has been set up in her memory to help and encourage young lawyers to advance.

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