School of Law

Research Student: Saad Saeed Alotaibi

The Saudi arbitration law and its compatibility with English law

The aim of my PhD is to account for the compatibility of the Saudi Arbitration Law alongside an investigation of the extent of its compatibility with the English Law. This will be shown via a special focus on the nature of arbitration, the scope of arbitration, the arbitrator and his qualifications, the tribunal composition in Saudi law, and the enforcement of international arbitral awards, with reference to the English Arbitration, pointing out certain dissimilarities between the two arbitration laws.

In doing so, the research seeks to explore the importance of commercial arbitration in the present age, especially with Saudi Arabia’s new WTO membership, making the world a smaller place. Therefore, investors have to get clear and sufficient picture of the enforceable law when they conclude their contracts, especially when it comes to a country that drives its judicial system from Islamic law, which may not be known to international investors.

Also the research seeks to assist Saudi Arbitration Law and to give advice that may contribute to keeping traders’ rights safer and quicken the process of commercial dispute resolution.

In international trade, it is important to make Saudi arbitration ruling known to traders and academics from other jurisdictions and this is one of the research focus. Moreover, the research will account for the amendment of Saudi laws as a result of its commitment of WTO and make comparison of the old Saudi judicial law rulings with the new one.

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