School of Law

Research Student: Jompon Pitaksantayothin

Regulating Sexually Explicit Content on the Internet : towards the reformation of the Thai regulatory approach

The primary objective of this thesis is to identify and examine the controls of sexually explicit material and expression on the Internet in Thailand. The existing obscenity legislation and law enforcement measures adopted by the Thai government will be discussed and recommendations will be made for the future reformation.

The first research question presented in this thesis is: can the existing Thai obscenity laws and the current regulatory measures effectively control sexually oriented material and expression on the Internet without excessively curtailing freedom of expression?

The second question is: if they cannot, how can they be reformed to strike a right balance between free expression and the regulation of such material?

As a yardstick for the study, the approaches and models adopted by Council of Europe, the European Union and the UK will be analysed and compared to provide theoretical and conceptual frameworks. These measures will be used to identify weaknesses in the existing Thai approach and help develop a more effective, appropriate and secure system for implementation in Thailand.

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