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Professor Roger Halson

Professor of Contract and Commercial Law

I joined the University of Leeds as a Professor in 2003, having previously been the HK Bevan Professor of Law at the University of Hull.

Before that, I was lecturer, senior lecturer and sub-dean at University College London and a lecturer at Nottingham University. I was Head of the School of Law from 2007 - 2011.

My academic legal education was at the Universities of Newcastle (LLB) and Oxford (M.Litt), and my professional education was at Nottingham Law School (Solicitors Finals).

I have written widely in contract law and remedies and my work has been referred to in the UK House of Lords, as well as appellate courts overseas.

In addition I have been invited to comment upon several law reform initiatives.

Roger Halson talks about his research project "A Comparative Study of the Law relating to the Remotenes of Loss in Argentina and England and Wales", funded by the British Academy.

Research Interests

My subject interests are all aspects of the law of obligations, particularly contract law and the law of remedies. I am interested in all approaches to these subjects, including comparative, economic, empirical, historical, theoretical and practical analyses. I am the author of three books on contract law and remedies, editor of a book of collected essays and have contributed substantial articles to many leading journals including the Law Quarterly Review.

In 2012 I was awarded a substantial grant under the British Academy under their International Partnership and Mobility Scheme IPM 2012 for the project ‘A Comparative Study of the Law relating to the Remoteness of Loss in Argentina and England and Wales with Particular Reference to Recent Reforms Proposed in Argentina’. As part of this project interim and final papers have been presented in Leeds, London, Buenos Aires and Montevideo most with my co applicant Prof Diego Bunge of the University of Buenos Aires and also with Professor David Campbell of the University of Lancaster and Dr Pablo Ianello of ESEADE, Buenos Aires.


At Leeds, I have been involved in teaching contract law and torts to undergraduates as well as participating in the LLM in international economic law.

PhD Supervision

I have supervised PhD students at Leeds in the area of contract and consumer law all of whom have successfully obtained their doctorates.

Key Publications


  • Halson R, Contract Law (Pearson Education, 2013)

    Offering a modern, engaging account of all aspects of contract law, this new edition provides a clear understanding of the legal principles which underpin the contractual process.

  • Grubb A, Furmston M, Bradgate R, Brownsword R, Carter JW, Clarke M, Halson R, MacDonald E, Tolhurst GJ, The Law of Contract, 4th (Butterworths, 2010)

Journal articles

  • Halson DR, ‘A Common Lawyer's Perspective on Contract Codes’, Jersey and Guernsey Law Review, 15.2 (2011)
    Repository URL:

    Legal ‘codes’ are usually associated with civilian, as opposed to common law, systems of law. As a result, discussions of ‘codification’ fail to address concerns and issues particular to common law systems jurisdictions. This is the more surprising when the very word of codification was coined two hundred years ago by a distinguished English philosopher and legal commentator and there is a rich history of codification projects in common law jurisdictions. This article presents a common lawyer’s perspective on contract codes. First it seeks to stabilize and define the concept of codification and then develops a critique of codification which draws broadly upon both current economic arguments and lessons from the past. It concludes by suggesting some preconditions that should be satisfied before any codification, such as the codification of the law of contract proposed by the Jersey Law Commission, should be enacted.

  • Halson D, Pearce D, ‘Damages for Breach of Contract: Compensation, Restitution and Vindication’, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 28 (2008), 73-98
    Repository URL:

  • Halson DR, ‘Opportunism, Economic Duress and Contractual Modifications’, The Law Quarterly Review, 107 (1991), pp.649-678


  • Halson DR, ‘Specific Performance’, in Halsbury’s Laws of England, 5th ed. (London: Lexis Nexis, 2013), 95, 261-379

  • Halson DR, ‘Neglected Insights into Agreed Remedies’, in The Future of Relational Contract Law, ed. by Campbell ID, Mulcahy L and Wheeler S (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)

  • Halson DR, Campbell D, ‘Harmonization and its Discontents: The Transaction Costs Argument for the European Contract Code:Some Observations on the Commission's Green Paper’, in Transformation of European Private Law: Harmonisation, Consolidation or Chaos?, ed. by Kenny M and Devenney J (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

    This chapter challenges the theory of, and the evidence for the argument upon which the EU has supported the need for a European Contract Code.

Media Contact Areas

I am happy to talk to the media on the areas of the law of contract, damages, compensation and remedies.

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