School of Law

Research Supervisory Expertise

  • Professor Pinar Akman

    Competition law, consumer law, and contract law.

  • Mr Adam Baker

    Land law and trusts.

  • Dr Subhajit Basu FRSA

    I am happy to supervise students in the following areas.

    • Governance of cyberspace and role of politics, technology and law
    • Taxation of e-commerce
    • e-government and the role of information and communication technologies
  • Dr Sarah Brown

    Consumer law, consumer credit (both policy and law - UK and European) and company law.

  • Professor Andrew Campbell

    Banking and financial services law, including Islamic banking law.

  • Professor Michael Cardwell

    Agricultural law, including European Community and world trade aspects.

  • Dr David Churchill

    Historical criminology, history of crime and criminal justice, historiography of criminal justice, policing, police history, police-public relations, politics of policing, civilian crime control, crime prevention, security technologies, security industry, history of security, urban history, Victorian cities.

  • Professor Luke Clements

    Social care law, social justice, disability, law mental capacity and decision making.

  • Professor Ian Cram

    Public law, comparative constitutional law and human rights law.

  • Professor Adam Crawford

    Policing, community safety, crime prevention, youth justice, restorative justice, comparative criminal justice and criminology more generally.

  • Professor Graham Dutfield

    Intellectual property, relating to law, history, politics, economics and anthropology. Access to knowledge, human rights, sustainable development, health, agriculture, genetics, biotechnology, traditional knowledge and folklore, bioprospecting, and indigenous peoples' rights.

  • Professor Louise Ellison

    Victims/witnesses, credibility assessment, sexual violence, witness preparation, juries, access to justice.

  • Professor Graham Farrell

    Situational crime prevention; environmental criminology; crime science; crime drop research.

  • Professor Andrew Francis

    Legal Profession; Regulation, Social Mobility and Diversity of the Legal Profession, Professional Legal Ethics, Access to Justice, Legal Education, Legal Services Change and Organisations.

  • Professor Roger Halson

    All aspects of the law of obligations, particularly contract and consumer law and the law of remedies. All approaches to these subjects, including comparative, economic, empirical, historical, theoretical and practical analyses.

  • Professor Anthea Hucklesby

    Criminal justice and how it deals with suspects, defendants and offenders. The remand process, electronic monitoring, community sentences, prisoner's resettlement, prisons, compliance and procedural justice, public and voluntary sector involvement in criminal justice.

  • Professor Andrew Keay

    Most  areas of corporate law and insolvency law, and particularly all aspects of corporate governance, directors and shareholder rights and remedies, corporate rescue, corporate liquidations, administrations, recovering of property by liquidators and administrators.

  • Professor Anna Lawson

    Disability equality, non-discrimination, human rights law,  property law.

  • Mr Stuart Lister

    Police, policing, private security, security governance and accountability.

  • Professor Norma Martin Clement

    Financial provision on divorce, child protection, family law, community care law, the law relating to older people, legal education, internationalisation, widening participation and diversity.

  • Professor Gerard McCormack

    International law, business law, the harmonisation of law, comparative bankruptcy law, corporate governance with particular reference to developing countries, banking and (Islamic banking) law, property law.

  • Dr Amrita Mukherjee

    International law and international human rights law, including the role of the United Nations, its supervisory and monitoring capacities, dispute settlement, the prohibition of torture, international criminal law, jurisdiction and immunities.

  • Professor Alastair Mullis

    Tort law, especially defamation and related wrongs, media law and international commercial law.

  • Dr Richard Peake

    The prison system, particularly long-term prisoners and the private sector.

  • Dr David Pearce

    The English law of obligations, the nature and scope of contractual rights and remedies, and their relationship with proprietary rights and remedies.

  • Dr. Jose Pina-Sánchez

    Sentencing, Criminal Justice, Public Policy Evaluation, Survey Research and Data Quality.

  • Dr César J Ramírez-Montes

    Intellectual property rights and their relationship with human rights (free speech, data protection, access to education and health care, etc.), the intersection between free speech and copyright/trade marks, and unfair competition.

  • Professor Duncan Sheehan

    Personal property law and trusts, including secured transactions law; contract and unjust enrichment, including from international and comparative perspectives; private law theory.

  • Professor Iyiola Solanke

    European law and political theory, Anti-discrimination law and social theory, critical race theory, courts and democracy.

  • Mr Neil Stanley

    Environmental law, pollution control, planning law (including the built heritage), nature conservation, torts, corporate manslaughter, emergency planning/disasters, and  risk and legal processes.

  • Dr Konstantinos Stylianou

    Telecommunications law and policy, EU competition law, US antitrust law, regulated industries, utilities regulation, regulatory economics and industrial policy, high technology industries, Internet law and cyberlaw, EU Digital Single Market, intellectual property and especially online copyright

  • Professor Nick Taylor

    Criminal procedure and privacy, surveillance, the criminal appeals process, the regulation of new technologies.

  • Professor Michael Thomson

    Health law, social justice, family law, children’s rights, legal embodiment, the legal regulation of reproduction, non-therapeutic interventions on children, feminist theory, legal humanities, informed consent, the sentencing of sex offenders, transgender rights, and genetic testing.

  • Dr Mitchell Travis

    Legal personhood, embodiment, intersexuality and professional legal ethics.

  • Professor Emeritus Clive Walker

    Cyberlaw, policing, forensic process, terrorism, media law, public law, civil liberties and human rights.

  • Professor David S. Wall

    Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, Crime, Law and Technology, Policing, Police History, Digital evidence, Security policy, Crime and Popular Culture, Intellectual Property Crime, Counterfeiting, Specialist intellectual property courts, Consuming counterfeit luxury fashion goods.

  • Dr Chloe Wallace

    Legal education, particularly in a global context, student mobility and the relationship between law and language.

  • Dr Julie Wallbank

    Family law, child law, gender, parental responsibility, human rights, social class, feminist jurisprudence, reproductive technologies, the law of residence and contact disputes.

  • Professor Peter Whelan

    Criminal law, EU and UK competition law, antitrust law, white collar crime, anticompetitive agreements, international cooperation in competition law and the objectives of competition law.

  • Dr Emma Wincup

    Welfare reform and crime control, drug policy, criminal justice policy-making, resettlement of prisoners, gender and criminal justice.

  • Dr Paul Wragg

    Free speech theory, the judicial treatment of privacy-invading expression by the media, media law, privacy law. The protection of freedom of expression under Article 10 ECHR by UK and/or Strasbourg courts.

  • Dr Henry Yeomans

    Historical criminology, behavioural regulation, social control, moral panics, moral regulation, deviance and alcohol.

  • Dr Jingchen Zhao

    I am willing to supervise research students in most aspects of corporate law, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

  • Dr Qi Zhou (George)

    Law and economic perspective, contract law, regulation and law and the regulatory features of different types of legal instruments.

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